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Here are the new and improved features on the new Aurora 2019

Source Skylum,  Author: WRITTEN BY - Michelle Rae Uy
(Global Content and Community Manager, Skylum Software)
The Aurora HDR 2019 is simple and still powerful; but it's also better than ever, with new features that add a whole new dimension to images, while simultaneously keeping them realistic.
Here are the new and improved features:
The latest version of Aurora HDR boasts an impressive new AI, all thanks to the new Quantum HDR engine and its tone-mapping technology for both bracketed shots and single images.
This engine doesn't just merge your bracketed shots without much thought. It also meticulously, intelligently and intuitively analyzes each one so that as it merges them, it also minimizes over-saturation and contrast loss, effectively controls the amount of noise, and reduces typical issues like deghosting and halos. On top of that, it also brings out and recovers lost details in shadows and highlights.
"It's like having your very own expert photo editor doing all the tedious work for you!"
Aurora HDR Looks
Skylum decided to develop more resets for Aurora HDR 2019 and dressed up the name to Aurora HDR Looks. What's more is that each of these Looks are made with adjustments for each of the important filters on Aurora HDR: LUTs, Blending Mode, Masks and Opacity, to name a few.
Obviously, you yourself can design and save your own Looks as well, because it is to have full creative control of how your images will look.
HDR Smart Structure
Creating the best HDR images is a balancing act. The secret to an amazing HDR image is to have vibrant, highly detailed, highly dynamic images while keeping them realistic and natural-looking.
Skylum equipped the new Aurora HDR 2019 with HDR Smart Structure filter whose sole job is to add details, structure and sharpness in HDR images without making them look unrealistic and over-the-top.
LUT Mapping
"While we're in the topic of filters... did we mention that Aurora HDR 2019 also features it's very own LUT (lookup table) Mapping filter? We've taken the tools used in motion pictures and squeezed them in this powerful filter designed to deliver creative color toning, black and white conversions, and digital film looks to your images instantly.
Not only that, but we've also added 11 LUTs built into the program so that you have a small collection to start with, almost like your own LUT starter kit. Of course, it also allows you to import your own (.cube, .3dl, or .look formats accepted) and expand your collection by downloading new ones from our website."
Adjustable Gradient 
"We've also given the Adjustable Gradient filter a bit of sprucing up. This filter essentially lets you tweak and tune the upper and lower areas of your images to mimic your good old Graduated ND filter and allow for more localized adjustments. You know, in case your sky is too bright or part of your landscape is too dark. In Aurora HDR 2019, we've given this filter new (and better) controls for Shadows and Highlights, wrapping up nicely the set of individual controls that also include Exposure, Contrast and Vibrance.


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