Time-lapseTool Pro Review - Part 1

Timelapse Tool Pro loads images from the computer, applies the selected effects and combines them to create a video file once the Export function has been started. Time-Lapse Tool software also gives you the option to add an audio track to the video you create. Images are grouped into sequences. By default, a sequence uses a frame rate of 30 frames per second, but the FPS value may be adjusted for any sequence separately. The program can also apply image effects to every frame in a sequence. T
Resources which can help to understand the features and functions of the program: 
- How Can I Make a Time-Lapse Video? In Just a Few Clicks!
- Video Created using Time-Lapse Tool Software
- User guide

- All-in-One Slideshow-review, will be published soon ( the link will be published in this welog ).
Features of Time-Lapse Tool Software
Import features - Input image formats:
JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF (single frame)
Supported audio formats:
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)
MP-3, MPEG-4 Audio, Wave (WAV), Windows Media Audio (WMA)
Output video formats:
Apple TV, H.264 (for Web publication), Motion JPEG (for maximum quality), MPEG-4 (to view on DVD players), QuickTime
Windows Media Video (for sharing with friends)
Make a GIF animation
Video and image effects - Easy to apply image effects:
Black & White, Brightness, Brightness Transition, Camera Transition, 
Contrast, Deflicker, Directional Blur, Hue, Invert, Mirror, Old Movie, Pixelate
RGB, Rotation, Saturation, Shooting Info, Tilt Focus, Tone Curve, Vignette, Watermark
All project operations start from the main application window. The main window allows you to manage:
- Presets - Effects - FPS for sequence - Audio track for the video - Video preview before generation
Other views that can be opened from the main window include:
- Import - Export - Publish
Software requirements and installation
Time-Lapse Tool software works with all recent versions of Windows. Click on the links to find out more about system requirements or installation instructions.
With the Timepalse Toop Pro you also can:
- Render processed JPEG images with original size for further processing with other software
- The Timelaps tool renders big time results of main photo editors but for so much less. 
- Save your movie with FullHD—or even 4K resolution—and a different aspect ratio
- Publish the video you create to YouTube directly from the application
- Zoom and pan your frames within the time lapse software.
- You are able to experiment with different Frame rates, enable Tilt, foucs, Viginette and even a Gif. 
Timelapse Pro is User Friendly in the making of a TimeLapse. User find the Timelapse Tool as the perfect product for that means: "It packs a powerful punch for a small and easy to use product in the making of a TimeLapse." 
Timelapse Pro is a standalone program that would allow you to edit, render, adjust the length, add sound, etc. for photos from whatever camera  
Time-Lapse Tool has a very robust set of options, and each option offers complete  flexibility in their settings in terms of quality, compression, and frame rate.  The Performance in both importing images and creating the movie is on high level.
The export tools include the ability to directly upload to a YouTube account
I am recommending the Timelapse Pro to amateur and professional photographer and designer.