How to Create LUTs in DaVinci Resolve

How to Create LUTs in DaVinci Resolve
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"You will be glad to know that when you have DaVinci Resolve in your system, you can download LUTs from website, but also you can develop your personalized LUT with ease. There are generally two types of LUTs, 1D LUT and 3D LUT. DaVinci Resolve platform can be used to develop normal 3D LUT or Soft Clip LUT, namely both 1D and 3D LUTs. However, 1D LUTs are observed to provide much accurate results with the help of 1023 data points as compared to 33x33x33 cube of 3D LUT. Hence it is good to follow soft clip LUT for 1D LUT and apply 3D LUT on all other applications. The article below will help you to learn the techniques to develop Soft Clip LUT and normal 3D LUTs.
The DaVinci Resolve Software is really a professional editor, but it is a little complicated for beginners. If you want to apply a LUT in your video easily and quickly, we recommend you to use Wondershare Filmora which allows you to add a 3D Look-up Table with ease.
The built-in 3D LUT is comprehensive yet easy to use, which features effects including Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and House of Cards. What’s more, it also allows you to download a LUT from website. Let’s take a look at how to apply a LUT in Filmora.... cont."