BatchPhoto - All-n-One Slideshow-review

BatchPhoto - All-n-One Slideshow-review
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Přehled vybraných funkcí programu:
BATCH - Edit thousands of pictures in one operation with support for multi-core CPUs!
MONITOR - Watch folders for new or updated images and automatically apply a custom set of edits.
CONVERT - Read and save 170+ image formats, including: JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, PDF.
RAW - Read all RAW image formats generated by almost all DSLR digital cameras.
RENAME - Give meaningful names to your images instead of the default cryptic names.
UPLOAD - Edit your photos then directly upload them to FTP, Facebook, or Flickr.
DATE - Date stamp photos in bulk with their original date/time as taken from the EXIF record.
CROP - Automatically cut hundreds of photos to a predefined aspect ratio or custom rectangle.
RESIZE - Change image sizes in bulk for easy sharing or to save space.
WATERMARK - Visually watermark images with logos and texts in bulk.
TOUCH-UP - Edit photos in bulk with filters like: Auto Contrast, Auto Gamma, Sharpen, Brightness.
FX - Apply graphical effects to photos in bulk, effects like: Sepia, B&W, Charcoal, Oil Paint.
Detailní přehled funkcí
BATCH PROCESSING - Edit and convert thousands of images in one session with support for multi-core CPUs!
FOLDER WATCH - Monitor folders for newly added images and automatically apply custom defined edits.
CONVERT IMAGES - Convert to and from 170+ image formats, including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PDF.
RAW FORMATS - Support for RAW image formats (digital negatives) from DSLR digital cameras.
RENAME PHOTOS - Change the cryptic names generated by digital cameras to meaningful names.
IMAGE TO PDF - Create PDF albums from multiple photos for easy sharing.
EXIF & IPTC - Preserve EXIF & IPTC metadata when saving between compatible image formats.
CONTEXTUAL MENU - Edit photos with custom profiles, directly from Windows® Explorer's right-click menu.
FTP - Edit images, optimize for web use, then upload to FTP.
FACEBOOK - Edit your photos and upload them to Facebook or Flickr in the same session.
Annotate & Decorate
DATE STAMP-Automatically imprint the original date and time on dozens of digital photos.
WATERMARK-Protect photos with watermarks as either text or logos.
COMMENT-Add single or multi-line text comments to pictures.
PHOTO BORDER-Add grunge, vintage, and shape borders to pictures in batch mode.
PICTURE FRAME-Decorate your photos with classic picture frames.
VINTAGE FRAME-Decorate your photos with vintage picture frames.
RESIZE - Resize hundreds of photos in one step for easy sharing or to save space.
AUTO ROTATE - Automatically rotate hundreds of photos in bulk to their correct orientation.
AUTO CROP - Automatically crop images to a predefined aspect ratio or custom rectangle.
CHANGE DPI - Easily adjust the DPI and the document size in inches.
COLOR REPLACE - Replace any color in the image, with another color or with the alpha channel.
ROTATE - Rotate photos by a specified number of degrees.
AUTO CONTRAST- Automatically adjust the contrast of dozens of photos in one session.
AUTO GAMMA - Automatically adjust gamma levels.
SHARPEN - Sharpen pictures by enhancing edge contrast.
BRIGHTNESS - Adjust the light intensity of multiple photos at once.
CONTRAST - Accurately adjust contrast levels.
COLOR BALANCE - Adjust the Red, Green and Blue color channels.
SEPIA - Make dozens of pictures look older, in warmer colors, with the sepia special effect.
BLACK & WHITE - Transform multiple pictures from true colors to gray scale colors.
CHARCOAL - Transform dozens of pictures to a charcoal sketch.
OIL PAINT - Make lots of pictures look like oil paintings in batch mode.
EMBOSS - Highlights edges in picture with a 3D effect.
SOLARIZE - Make picture look like the photographic film was exposed to light.