What is LUT? Read our Q&A session with Lutify.me

What is LUT? Read our Q&A session with Lutify.me
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"So what is a LUT and why should you care? We spoke to Goran Ljubuncic at Lutify.me to find out more about this new approach to image-editing, which started out in cinematography but is now finding its way into still imaging applications like Luminar, Capture One, Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. It’s a way of adding a ‘look’ to your images at a very basic level, and if you’ve been following the news about Adobe’s new support for Profiles, then you need to read this too!
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Q: So can you explain what a LUT file, is in a sentence?
Q: Lutify.me is a site dedicated solely to LUTs, so it looks like this is a big thing now?
Q: What kind of effects can you achieve with LUT files?
Q: You distribute ready-made LUT files, but can people make their own? It looks like a technical process
Q: You mention 3D LUTs on Lutify.me. Is that a special sort of LUT?
Q: Are LUTs designed for video grading, still photos or both?
Q: I see you can use LUTs in Luminar, Lightroom and Capture One. Are any other programs supported?
Q: It looks like the great advantage of LUTs is that you can create effects the software’s own tools might not offer and you can use a favourite LUT in different applications. Is that right?
Q: So Goran, last question. Are LUTs the future of image-editing?
I believe that the future of image editing is going to be much easier and quicker. Sooner rather than later everyone will be able to achieve great color edits through a much more simplified interfaces. I believe image editing is about to become democratised and LUTs will play a big role in that.  Anyone who wants to know more about should visit Lutify.me to browse through the full range of effects and packages available – and look out for a review soon on Life after Photoshop.