Professional Passport Photo Software

Professional Passport Photo Software
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"Any photo studio that deals with ID photos has three cornerstones: the camera that you shoot with, the lighting equipment and the software that you use to edit and print the photos. The first two depend largely on your budget and technical knowledge – nowadays even a compact camera can shoot pictures of high quality. When it comes to passport photo maker software, every photographer or business owner starts looking for a tool that satisfies their requirements: it must facilitate the photo editing process, minimize the time spent on editing and produce images suitable for any type of ID applications."
"Passport Photo Maker is the ultimate software tool that helps you prepare and print ID photos in no time. The program complies with the latest requirements for passport and ID photos set in different countries. Equipped with presets for a range of ID types such as passport, visa, driving license etc., it lets you create professional quality ID photos in a few minutes. The authors use their experience in image processing to make your photos perfect. Passport Photo Maker offers ideal solutions both for home users and professional photo studios. It features a stylish intuitive interface, an easy-to-master toolkit, and advanced image processing algorithms. The smart print module provides fully customizable settings and ensures the best quality of your photos.
The series of video lessons will give you a complete overview of Passport Photo Maker. The videos cover all the steps of working with the software, and aim to help you master all its features.
Key Features of Passport Photo Maker:
Integrated up-to-date database of ID types for different countries that correspond to the latest passport photo requirements.
- The autocrop function with biometric features detection that performs automatic cropping of the image according to the requirements of the selected ID type.
- The editing module helps to change the background color of the images, replace the clothes as well as enhance the quality of the shot (adjusting brightness & contrast, red eye removal option, etc.).
- Customized print layout templates for printing any number of photos and combining different ID types on a page.
- Management tools for photo studios: integrated order statistics and activity log, price management module, client database.
Whatever photography business software you choose, the key points will stay as they are - be quick in making the photos, produce only high quality photos that satisfy the official requirements and manage your business in the most effective way. Passport Photo Maker corresponds to all these needs and has already become the choice of many studios all over the world. Another valuable point is that the software can become a handy tool for home users or HR departments of different companies due to its user-friendly interface and perfectly customizable sets of templates. Try it today to see how it speeds up the production process and leaves you with nothing but happy customers and easily earned income!"