Photo Calendar Creator - review

Photo Calendar Creator is a convenient program for creating beautiful photo calendars for any year or month. 
The web-product-page contains all necessary information. The structure of the web-page is: 
The url of the product web-page is: http://photo-calendar-software.com

The 8 sectors of the product-page contain all necessary information for starting the work using the program:
- Make Any Calendar Type
- Get Started with 180+ Templates
- Personalize Calendar Looks
- Customize Holidays Easily
- Print High-Quality Calendars
- Create Promotional Calendars
- International & Multilingual
- Get Started Quickly!

To create a calendar, the user needs to select the calendar type and style, add photos and save the result. The program allows the user to produce hundreds of calendars in a great variety of styles such as classic and modern, minimalist and elegant, business and romantic. A personal calendar is not only an outstanding gift for friends and relatives, but it is also an excellent promotional product for your business!

The program has a built-in library of original templates made by professional designers. Create calendars of different types: desktop and wall calendars, pocket and multi-page calendars. Calendars can be printed at home, in the office or saved for a printshop.
The program lets you customize every element of a calendar, including the header, fonts, background, alignment of months and more. It is also possible to create calendars in different languages.

You have the possibility to experiment with the program, before you purchase, using the free version.
The free demo version of Photo Calendar Creator is intended for evaluation purposes and can be used for 10 days. In the demo version, the printing and saving options are disabled.
After purchasing the full version, you get the following benefits:
- No time restrictions 
- The registration nag-screen will no longer appear 
- Save calendars in different image formats 
- Print calendars in professional quality 
- Download new design templates 
- Get free technical support 
- Free updates for one year 

The Main Menu provides access to all the features of the program. You can use it to open and save projects, edit the calendar, add objects.
The Toolbar gives the user quick access to all the main features.
- The Properties Panel - The Page Panel - The Zoom Panel 

To create a calendar, follow the steps below:
- Click the New button or select File > New Project.
- Select the calendar type:
Wall Calendar, Desk Calendar, Pocket Calendar, Monthly Calendar, Yearly Calendar
Custom Calendar 
- Select the photos for the calendar. - Select the starting year and month for the calendar. 
- Adjust the Page Settings: the calendar size, resolution, page orientation, and then click the Finish button.
- Edit the calendar design according to your preferences and save the project.
- Print the calendar or Save As Image.

All the calendar settings are available on the properties panel on the right. There are four tabs:
- Main  - Text - Photo - Clipart

Photo Calendar Creator does not only have a great number of templates, but it also provides you with all the necessary tools to create a custom calendar from scratch:
- Add pages, Add months, Choose the month style
- Customize the look of each month. 
- In the Cells tab, you can select the background color for each cell of your calendar or add an image to the selected cell.
- In the Month tab, it is possible to select the design for the current month grid to make it look different from the others.
- It is possible to select and move several layers (months or photos) at a time. You can remove all layers if you wish to start with a blank canvas. 
- Set your own photo as calendar background. 
- Show Grid. The grid helps you align objects on your calendar. 

The most important settings in the print dialog window are:
Resolution - Print markup - Calendar pages - Margins - Bleed.
If you intend to send the calendar to a printshop, you can prepare the print layout and save it as an image file or PDF. 

I am using the different features of the program without any difficulties.
The Photo Calendar Creator allows you to produce hundreds of calendars in a great variety of styles such as classic and modern, minimalist and elegant, business and romantic. 

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