A new version of Aurora HDR 2018 is available

Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0
Informaci o novém updatu programu AURORA 2018, najdete na adrese: 
Zde jsou hlavní zlepšení updatované verze
Here is a list of the key improvements:
- Added Lens Correction tool
- Added Transform tool
- Added Info panel
- Added Color Denoise option for RAW files
- Added Single View Mode
- Improved Dodge & Burn filter
- Improved Presets
- Improved localizations
- Fixed issues with handling metadata from Lightroom, .NEF brackets colors and Drag & Drop.
Výňatky z textu:
"NEW Faster opening of RAW-files. You can now open raw files much faster thanks to improvements in our RAW engine. This means a faster initial merge and an overall speed boost.
NEW White Balance Tool. A new White Balance functionality and eyedropper tool háve been added to the HDR Basic filter. This makes it easy to remove color cast issues in an image. Changes to White Balance are now also stored in History States to make choosing an Undo level even more NEW Batch Processing. Windows users gain the useful Batch Processing tool (also available in the Mac version). This makes it easy to select a large project or several images or brackets and develop them all at once. You can also savé custom job."
This is one of the lovely things about modern technology and software development - the ability to easily “push” automatic updates to software as needed. We like this very much and am pretty sure you appreciate it too!
Vystavil jsem slideshow review, charakterizující v 50-ti slajdech současnou verzi AURORA 2018.
Najdete ji na adrese: https://www.akamonitor.cz/sw/aurora2018up/.