DENOISE projects 2 professional Review

DENOISE projects 2 professional Review
This is not my first review the DENOISE, from Projects-software.com.
My old review of the DENOISE is HERE:
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- With DENOISE projects 2 professional you have a very powerful editing tool for your images. The only limit you have, is your own imagination. Those who use the software for professional purposes will especially value the individual setting options. But for the average user it will suffice to remove the image noise from a snapshot completely automatically.
- DENOISE projects professional expands your scope as a photographer, enabling you to create fascinating twilight, wildlife, event, underwater and astro images as well as available light shots. DENOISE projects is currently the only available software that removes all seven forms of image noise: luminance noise, colour noise, banding, colour clouds, hot pixels, salt & pepper as well as holes.
- The completely newly developed Smart Pattern Matching noise technology perfectly removes noise from your images while still keeping the colours, sharpness and finest details.
Now you can start shooting in environments previously unsuitable for producing satisfactory photographs!
DENOISE projects 2 professional is perfect for:
- Low-Light-Shootings
- Portraits without flash
- Astro scences with long exposure
- Romantic candlelight portrait
- High-ISO shoots like concert
- And much more! – Comparison
TOP Highlights
- Better photos completely free of image noise even when taken with high ISO sensitivity
- Precision calculation of optimal noise-removal procedures for each individual photo
- Batch processing
- Fully-automatic noise detection and optimized noise reduction
- Selective noise reduction
- ISO 50 to ISO 4,000,000 RAW and JPEG
- Eliminates all seven types of image noise: Luminance noise, color noise, color banding, color clouding, hot-pixel, salt & pepper, holes
- Image noise removal up to 40% faster thanks to Smart Noise Prediction
- Natural Grain Engine with automatic assignment of the optimal noise value
- Source image noise analysis
- Correct chromatic aberration
- WINDOWS & MAC system software