The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography
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1. What is street photography?
2. Ethics and overcoming your fear.
3. The law and street photography.
4. A few of the most important tips to get you started.
5. Equipment.
6. Camera settings.
7. Composition and light.
8. Advanced tips.
9. Content and concepts of street photography.
10. Editing.
11. Master street photographer research.
- Street photography is an inherently clunky term, and because of this, there are many street photographers that dislike it. They consider themselves photographers, plain and simple.
- The first image that typically comes to mind for the term street photography, is an image of a stranger just walking down the street in a city like New York, London, or Tokyo.
- Take special notice to the street photographers whose work you do not like at first. Many people will immediately disregard a photographer at first glance, without delving deeper. The issue with street photographs is that they are often different and weird, and it can be impossible to truly get a sense of what a photographer is trying to portray by seeing just a few photographs. Read about the history and location of the photographer, look through as much of their portfolio as you can, and then try to figure out what they were trying to say. Sometimes you will find yourself with a completely new appreciation for the photographer, and see things in their work that went right over your head with your first look."
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