ON1 RAW 2018 new Features

Po několika beta verzích, přišel čas na finální verzi. Co je nového?

The new HDR module is one of the fastest HDR apps available! You don't have to wait forever to see beautiful results like most other HDR applications. 
NEW Masking Tools & Updates
Target tonal ranges with specific effects or filters with new luminosity mask updates. The new Density slider lets you adjust or fade the overall mask and the Feather slider lets you globally blur the mask to adjust how sharp or precise the mask is.
NEW Versions
A version or virtual copy lets you keep different Develop and Effects settings, as well as different retouching, crop settings, and meta data settings on different copies of the photos without actually creating a real copy of the photo. 
NEW Local Adjustments
New local adjustment features allow you to increase or decrease noise locally which also allows you to selectively control the amount of noise in certain areas of your photo.  
NEW ON1 Photo for Mobile
The free ON1 Photo for Mobile app for iOS is a great way to take your photos with you. You can sync your favorite photos from your desktop computer to your iOS devices via Dropbox® or Google® Drive. Learn More »

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