What is new in ON1 Photo RAW 2018

What is new in ON1 Photo RAW 2018
Create stunning HDR photos that merge all tonality from a bracket of photos. It's seven times faster than other HDR apps.
Pano Stitching
Combine multiple photos into a single panoramic or matrix photo
Create virtual copies of the same photo with different non-destructive settings
Paint with Color Brush
Perfect for skin smoothing and making annotation layers
Blur & Chisel Mask Tools
Now available in ON1 Effects
Selectively Add or Remove Noise
Brush away noise in areas like skies or add noise for an artistic effect
Updated UI
Global Mask Editing Tools 
New mask Density and Feather sliders to allow for changing the density or opacity of masks as well as blur masks for softening.
Luminosity Mask Updates
Adjust the levels of a mask to increase the contrast or brightness as well as set a tonal window to only affect a certain zone.
Color Range Masks
ON1 Photo for Mobile
Additional Camera and Lens Support