Link to the Reviw of the AURORA HDR 2018

Link to the Reviw of the AURORA HDR 2018
I am preparing my own Review of AURORA HDR 2018. This will take some time.
I decided to let you know the link to the review, which is very close to the text which I am preparing for my web-portal. 
The Reviewer is Simon Ringsmuth and the date of his review is 2017-09-20
You can find the review on the address:
Here is the Conclusion and rating of the Simons Review:
"During my time using Aurora HDR I was impressed with the simplicity of its interface as well as the sheer depth of HDR tools at my disposal. Macphun has clearly invested a great deal of time creating and refining Aurora HDR to appeal to demanding professionals and curious hobbyists alike. Having used previous versions of this program I found this iteration to be a welcome refinement in many areas.
In terms of value, it’s a phenomenal piece of software that doesn’t require a subscription and will serve HDR photographers very well. The one quibble I still have with Aurora HDR 2018 is that it’s a bit on the slow side when implementing some presets and manipulating certain sliders. But that was a minor issue with an otherwise stellar program.
Aurora HDR 2018 isn’t for everyone, and unless you specifically work with HDR images you might be frustrated that it doesn’t have features like Dehaze and Red-Eye Removal that you may be accustomed to using in other image editors. But then, it doesn’t claim to be an all-in-one editing program and instead abides by the age-old mantra of, “Do one thing, and do it well.” If HDR photography is what you’re into, then Aurora HDR will serve you very well indeed."