Link to the Reviw of the AURORA HDR 2018

Link to the Reviw of the AURORA HDR 2018
I am preparing my own Review of AURORA HDR 2018. This will take some time.
I decided to let you know the link to the review, which is very close to the text which I am preparing for my web-portal. 
The Reviewer is Simon Ringsmuth and the date of his review is 2017-09-20
You can find the review on the address:
Here is the Conclusion and rating of the Simons Review:
"During my time using Aurora HDR I was impressed with the simplicity of its interface as well as the sheer depth of HDR tools at my disposal. Macphun has clearly invested a great deal of time creating and refining Aurora HDR to appeal to demanding professionals and curious hobbyists alike. Having used previous versions of this program I found this iteration to be a welcome refinement in many areas.
In terms of value, it’s a phenomenal piece of software that doesn’t require a subscription and will serve HDR photographers very well. The one quibble I still have with Aurora HDR 2018 is that it’s a bit on the slow side when implementing some presets and manipulating certain sliders. But that was a minor issue with an otherwise stellar program.
Aurora HDR 2018 isn’t for everyone, and unless you specifically work with HDR images you might be frustrated that it doesn’t have features like Dehaze and Red-Eye Removal that you may be accustomed to using in other image editors. But then, it doesn’t claim to be an all-in-one editing program and instead abides by the age-old mantra of, “Do one thing, and do it well.” If HDR photography is what you’re into, then Aurora HDR will serve you very well indeed."


Plné 4 stránky jsou věnovány HDR fotografii a jmenovitě programu AURORA HDR 2018, který byl uveden na trh v září 2017. Autor článku tento program označil "titulem" královna HDR. Článek najdete v čísle 43 ( vyšlo v říjnu 2017 ) odborného časopisu pro fotografy ČS FOTOgrafie. Pro všechny čtenáře, pro které je technika HDR novinkou, je článek výborným startem pro její poznání. V příštím čísle bude program AURORA HDR 2018 rozebrán podrobně. 


CS FOTOgrafie č. 43

AURORA královna HDR
Wedding Impression
Kontrast, deltakontrast a mikrokontrast
Tonalita, barva, atmosféra
Cover Story: Když venku prší
(Bonus aka) Zoner zachraňuje fotohistorii


Počítač pro každého 22/17


Nákupy z pohodlí domova
Vybavte telefon na zimu
Mobil jako přehrávač hudby
Mluvený komentář k videu
Tabulky v prezentacích Kapacita úložiště
(Bonus aka) Nejlepší  mobilní aplikace na zimu
Na CD příloze: Recover Keys 7 – vyhledání licenčních klíčů
Příští číslo: 6. 11, 17 - Fotoaparáty pod stromeček



The beta version does not require activation and can be run in trial mode. There are zero limitations within the app in trial mode. ON1 Photo RAW 2018 includes some exciting new features and huge updates
The public beta version includes HDR, Pano, Versions, Advanced Masking Controls and more! It will install side-by-side other ON1 apps
New Features:  
- Powerful browsing and cataloging
- New ON1 HDR and Pano
- Robust editing tool and new masking features
- The world's best photo effects
- Includes all of the popular ON1 Apps
- Use as a standalone app
- Use as a plug-in or alternative to Lightroom® and Photoshop®
The new versions of Effects, Develop, and Resize (all included with Photo RAW 2018) will work as plug-ins to the following:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC
Adobe Lightroom 5, 6, & CC
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 or 14
Apple® Photos
The final release of ON1 Photo RAW 2018 is coming at the end of October.

Počítač pro každého 21/17


Přehledný diář v počítači
Jak správně nabíjet mobilní zařízení
Počítač bez kabelů
Základní úpravy fotografií
Vizuální klávesnice v Androidu
(Bonus aka) Vše pro fotografie
Na CD příloze: IObit Applock – bezpečný zámek aplikací
Příští číslo: 23.10. Chytré hračky


What is new in ON1 Photo RAW 2018

What is new in ON1 Photo RAW 2018
Create stunning HDR photos that merge all tonality from a bracket of photos. It's seven times faster than other HDR apps.
Pano Stitching
Combine multiple photos into a single panoramic or matrix photo
Create virtual copies of the same photo with different non-destructive settings
Paint with Color Brush
Perfect for skin smoothing and making annotation layers
Blur & Chisel Mask Tools
Now available in ON1 Effects
Selectively Add or Remove Noise
Brush away noise in areas like skies or add noise for an artistic effect
Updated UI
Global Mask Editing Tools 
New mask Density and Feather sliders to allow for changing the density or opacity of masks as well as blur masks for softening.
Luminosity Mask Updates
Adjust the levels of a mask to increase the contrast or brightness as well as set a tonal window to only affect a certain zone.
Color Range Masks
ON1 Photo for Mobile
Additional Camera and Lens Support