Photomizer 3 is modularly expandable!

Photomizer 3 is modularly expandable!  Generalist, might decide on the fully equipped Photomizer 3 premium at a special price.The basic version includes Photomizer 3 with an optimization package. Radiant photos, sharp contours and natural colors. The optimization software makes all this in a single operation. 
Important features of the Photomizer 3:
- Innovative object recognition of Photomiez ensures that only those parts of a picture are optimized, which are important for the overall impression.
- Artefact filters eliminate flaws from pictures
- Repair function ensures the optimization of scanned photos, e.g. for elimination of tears.
- More features, a more accurate automatic and a faster engine make picture editing even more easily.
- The software detects exactly the areas in the photo, which can be improved so that the picture editing occurs optimally. It is professional automation for those, who simply want perfect photo. One click -complete!
- And that does not only work for individual photos, but also for large amounts of images: save a profile quickly and immediately optimize even thousands of photos in one go. 
- Photomizer 3 even optimizes scans of old dias and paper prints without any problems. It does not matter if a photo is denoised or if there are artefacts or cracks on a photo: The software can fix those bugs automatically.
Even in the completely free version you can benefit permanently by the following features:
- Use the unique red eyes correction of Photomizer 3.
- Rotate images.
- Cut photos - also with predetermined aspect ratios.
- Convert your photo to other formats: e.g. from RAW!
System requirements:
- Windows XP (32-bit) or Windows Vista/7/8/10 (each 32 - bit or 64-bit)
- .NET Framework 4.0 (is installed automatically if required)
- Min. 1 Gigabyte RAM (2 GByte recommended) - the greater the  memory capacity, the better!
- During the activation of the program a connection to the Internet is required
Information about packages of Photomoizer 3:
- Pictures taken with with compact cameras and smartphones
resent you bad lightening conditions. The result often is disturbing image noise. With the Photomizer 3 you can save even the most difficult original photos with this automated picture editing.
- The magnifying module of Photomizer 3 increases the original picture according to the template to magnifications of up to 32 times normal size- without any pixelated effects. 
- Thanks to the nostalgic package, In the Photomizer 3 different retro effects  create pure nostalgia. And the package also supplies the appropriate frame.
- The Tilt shift module is an unbeatable bag of tricks and creates stunning effects. Without any expensive equipment and expertise – normal cell phone photos from the top view and this module are all you need.
Other new features (valid for all packages):
- Photo optimization has been strongly improved; halo-effects around objects have been removed
- Photomizer 3 is faster than ever before,  the optimization is now up to 12 times faster.
- The support of Windows 10 for granted.
- You get a real 64-bit software (which naturally also works under 32-bit)
- Furthermore, the operation of the software is much easier now and supports quite a lot additional input formats: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, bmp, png, jxr, hdp, wdp, ico, raw, orf, 3fr, raf, nrw, dng, arw, nef, x3f, srw, pef, rw2, mrw, mdc, mef, dcr, erf, crw, mos, cr2 and sr2
- It’s possible to remove red 
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