Topaz GlOW

Topaz Glow is an editor designed to transform your photos in a very special way. With Glow you can alter your images using neon, graphic, liquid and other electrifying designs and brilliant artistic effects. With the Glow, you can take your art beyond photorealism. Whether you're shooting people,  landscapes, wildlife, or something else, Topaz Glow will make your images come to life with a powerful sense of movement and flow.
Topaz Glow is offering more than fifty unconventional and quirky filters
With Glow an array of different looks can be achieved - neon looks, for instance, darken the background and make the subject in focus appear to be illuminated with glowing and vivid colors. The graphic looks within Glow can help to give a sketchlike or flattened effect. When used lightly, these effects are perfect for removing unwanted details or adding something very special to the image. If working with intricate details, presets within the Fur and Feathers collection are perfect for helping to distinguish and emphasize small details. There’s the effects in the Fantasy collection such as Mysterious II and Bliss. When applied with a soft light blending mode or reduced opacity, these filters can give your image a hip, contemporary feel about them. As always, ultimate artistic control is gained by creating your own look, which can be achieved by working with the selective parameter sliders for custom effects. With Glow, otherworldly looks that you’ve never seen before will
soon be in your vision and creative control!
There are six collections in Topaz Glow: Neon, Graphic, Liquid Designs, Fur & Feathers, Fantasy and Afterglow. There are four modules within Glow: Primary Glow, Secondary Glow, Color and Finishing Touches.
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