Mystical Tint Tone & Color Gen1

Mystical Tint Tone & Color Gen1 ( MTTC ) is a suite of 60 visual effect enhancements allowing the user control over tinting, tonal, and color changes for digital images. Whether a user needs to quickly fix problem images or to create a one of a kind concept, Mystical Tint Tone & Color Gen1 provides the perfect easy to use tools. The user can combine any or all of the 60 image enhancements available and when combined together they can create a virtually infinite set of looks and a mood generating a true creative edge. Whether the user is applying effects to people, products, or natural landscapes. View the video tutorials below to gain a general understanding of the functions of the legacy version of Mystical Tint Tone & Color 2.0.
With MTTC you can affect Subtle to Extreme Colors in your Photos:
- Expertly Convert Color Images into Rich Grayscale Images with Smooth Tones
Brush on Black & White While Brush-Off Reveals Partial to Full Opaque Color
Increase Contrast in Darker Areas while Mid to Light Tones in the Photo Remain
Reduce Color Intensity While Infusing a Defined Color Across the Full Tonal Range
Change Hues, Saturation or Brightness for Either a Global or a Brush-On Selective Basis
Blend Vibrant Colors within an Image to Give it a Bolder, Richer Appearance
Improve Contrast, Color Vitality & Tonal Blending Between the Dark, Mid and High 
What can you expect when using MTTC
-the posssibility to  combine effects together to expand the power of the software and your creative options,
- to create a warm, soft depth effect using Mystical Tint Tone and Color easy to use filters
- to apply the Soft Black and White and Warm Gray filters to get a natural light gray toned result that is pleasing to the eye.
- to apply a darker and sharper tone to a portrait image. You can use Multiply Darks and restore the natural look with Flesh Tone providing a healthy glow to the skin.
- to apply Glamour Glow along with Black and White to get a dramatic look for your enhanced images.
- to focus in on retouching the eyes to bring out the natural color and brightness. You'll can also use trick for  whitening and brightening teeth as well.
- you can quickly bring out natural hair color and add luster. The Enhance Hair filter also infuses natural color and highlights to make the hair look fantastic.
- you can refine lipstick colors and gloss that many women wear to a portrait shot. See how quick and easy it is to retouch and enhance the colors of the lipstick.
- to enlarge and reduce the size and shape of desired areas in you image.
- to select a background texture that will appear behind your effect. You will then learn how to apply an Overlay Blend to seamlessly merge the composition together.
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