What's New in Perfect Photo Suite 9.5

Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 is packed full of new features! Now you can find, manage, and edit photos faster than ever! Whether organizing your photos or crafting your look, Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 includes everything you need.
General information about the enhancement of the product in version 9.5
- Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 is up to two times faster than previous versions. The Team has done several speed tests for launching, switching modules, viewing RAW files, and applying presets. In all of our tests, Suite 9.5 outperformed every time.
- Perfect Browse's lightning-fast preview mode lets you quickly sort, cull and edit photos from a shoot. Quickly ditch the bad ones, rate the good ones, and add keywords. When you're done, filter only the photos you want and send them off to Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture with a single click.
- New Faster Portrait Retouching - Automatic facial-feature detection for portraits and simple controls make it easy to smooth skin, remove blemishes, and brighten eyes, lips, and teeth. No more delays when finding faces or adjusting control points.
In addition to all the performance enhancements, Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 also has some great new features. The Line Mask tool allows you to create a straight path for masking sharp edges where brushing is difficult. Luminosity Masks have also been added for users to work on the luminance values or lighter and darker parts of a photo based on a specific selection.
New Features - Detail information
- New Line Mask Tool - Create simple polygon masks or complex paths.
- New Luminosity Masking - Control the amount of blending using the brightness of the photo.
- New Albums - Albums are a great way to make a list or collection of photos in Perfect Browse. Your photos in on1 Albums can live anywhere and won't get duplicated whether on your local hard disk or the cloud.
- New Smart Photos - Re-edit your photos—with previous settings intact—after saving and closing them. All of your editing steps are saved with a Smart Photo, so you can make subtle (or major) changes to a photo at a later date.
- New Quick Mask Tool - The Quick Mask tool determines the areas of your photo you want to keep and creates a mask automatically. It's perfect for replacing backgrounds or adding a look to part of your photo.
- Faster Image Processing - One of the fastest photo browsers available. Filters and presets also load 30% faster.
- Masking and Layers - We've taken the best selection tools from Perfect Mask and put them into Perfect Layers, creating the ultimate tool for compositing and masking.
- New Noise Reduction - Reduce noise from your photos while maintaining details. Even selectively apply noise reduction to different parts of a photo, such as the shadows or highlights.
- New Lens Flare Filter - Lets you get that popular "shot into the sun" look and add lens flares ranging from subtle to bold.
- New Auto Tone makes your photos bright and clear.
- New Crop + Level Tool - The crop tool allows you to crop freeform, to a specific ratio, or choose from popular document sizes. Even save your own crop presets! Need to straighten your photo? Choose the new Straighten Tool!
- Updated Perfect Brush - Our popular Perfect Brush has been enhanced to work better along soft edges and semi-transparent objects like smoke, clouds, or hair.
More information HERE: http://www.on1.com/products/suite9/