Pixeluvo - Image and photo editor

Pixeluvo is still less known, but a beautifully designed image and photo editor for PC and Linux. It covers editing needs from simple photo cropping and resizing to complex image manipulation with multiple adjustment layers and masks. With its high quality toolset and attention to detail this is software that is simply a pleasure to use. Pixeluvo contains a wide range of advanced features including non-destructive editing via adjustment layers,  full support for raw image formats, powerful color correction tools, realistic pressure-sensitive drawing tools and many image enhancement filters. The Paintbrush tool comes with many high quality brush presets for simulating real media, and supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets for even better realism and control. With the various selection tools you can quickly isolate regions for further editing. Other tools include: Spot-Heal tool - Clone tool - Filter brush - Text tool - Warp tool.
With Pixeluvo it is simple to crop, resize or rotate images. With just a few clicks you can:
- Fix perspective distortion
- Add a vignette to your photos
- Quickly paint out blemishes with the Spot-Heal tool
- Transform the feel of an image with the Quick Color filter
- Add text or captions to your images
- Color Correction
Pixeluvo contains a full range of color transform filters, allowing you to quickly transform the look of an image.
- Choose from a range of high quality presets in the Quick Color filter
- Have complete control with the Curves and Levels filters
- Adjust the color temperature
- Adjust the color balance separately for shadows, midtones and highlights
- Many other professional color filters
- All the color correction filters can also be used in a non-destructive manner as adjustment layers, so you can come back and alter the settings at any time.
Pixeluvo contains a full high precision raw image processing pipeline.
- Import raw files from all camera manufacturers
- Have precise control over exposure, color, and tone values
- Raw files are placed in their own layer type (indicated by a letter ‘R’ in the layer preview), and all settings remain fully editable.
- Add other layers to your project, use adjustment layers and masks, and all the while keep coming back to fine tune the settings for raw conversion.
- When you are totally happy with the settings you can convert the layer to an ordinary bitmap layer in order to paint directly onto it, or apply destructive filters to it.
Using layers and masks in Pxeluvo can be an powerful way to build up complex images non-destructively.
- Create unlimited layers and blend them together using one of the many blending modes
- Use adjustment layers to keep color adjustments editable
- Text layers also remain editable, so the text, fonts and styling can be altered at any point
- Add a layer mask to any layer to control which areas should be visible
- Create masks from selections and vice versa
Pixeluvo contains a wide selection of powerful filters and effects, from all kinds of blurs and distortion filters, to advanced image enhancement and unique painterly effects.
-Turn a photo into a beautiful drawing with the charcoal and chalk filter
-Remove noise and jpeg compression artifacts
-Boost detail
-Add a tilt-shift (miniturise) effect
-And many more.
-Modern User-Interface
In the latest Pixeluvo 1.5 version the user will find:
- A simple way to open an image directly onto a layer inside another project
- Added sharped mode to the Fx Brush tool
- A new photocopy filter
- Automatic creation of masks from the current selection when creating adjustment layers
- Quickly enable/disable masks by shift+clicking the mask preview
- A whole bunch of other user interface improvements
- New Video Tutorials
The set of tutorials includes:
- Introduction to Layers and Masks 
This tutorial gives an introduction to layers and masks.
- Working With Portraits
In this tutorial pixeluvp covers some useful techniques for enhancing portrait photos.
- Using the spot heal tool to remove blemishes
- Using the Fx Brush to smooth the skin texture
- Changing the eye color for a more striking look
- Applying color correction
- Using the Vignette Blur to pull the viewer’s eye to the center of the image
Pixeluvo’s interface is intuitive and to stay out of your way wherever possible. The user is spending the time making  images look amazing, not wrestling with the user-interfaceThis includes simple and intuitive controls. Panels can be hidden when they are not needed to allow the maximum room for images. Pixeuvo makes the most of every pixel with full-screen mode. It enables to quickly view and switch between all open projects with ‘exposé’ view.
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