Juicebox - review

Juicebox - http://www.juicebox.net/ - is the easy way to create responsive photo galleries for your site. With both free and paid versions, Juicebox is a flexible, easy-to-use gallery manager, which uses HTML5 and JavaScript to embed photos in your site.
The free version is limited to 50 photos per gallery, which is honestly more than enough. These days, the possibility of someone scrolling through over 50 images on any website is highly unlikely.
The Pro version of Juicebox also gives you a wide range of additional features, including the ability to add audio and watermarks to your galleries, remove the Juicebox branding and add autoplay support. You can also access  additional theming options, host unlimited images in galleries, and more.
There are several ways you can create image galleries using Juicebox, whether it’s with the Adobe Air desktop app, requiring a little bit of extra effort on your part when it comes to editing the .xml file, using a Photoshop template, a Lightroom plugin, or easiest and most convenient of all, a WordPress plugin.
Juicebox-Lite Core Features
- Juicebox is designed and tested to run everywhere; displays on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.
- Juicebox has a resizable interface, which adapts to the browser size. Gallery UI adapts to fit any size screen.
- Use the included JuiceboxBuilder desktop app for quick and easy gallery building. Runs on Windows and Mac.
- Build galleries with WordPress, Lightroom, PhotoShop, NextGen and more, using our free plugins.
- Juicebox has intuitive image navigation via mouse, touch and keyboard.
- Juicebox is lightweight and fast to load, giving your users a great viewing experience. Smart image pre-loading means images display faster.
- With Juicebox, images may be loaded locally or directly from Flickr.
- Easily add Juicebox galleries to your website; just copy and paste the generated embed code and upload the files to your website.
- Juicebox automatically creates the required thumbnail versions of your images.
- Juicebox is built with jQuery and is compatible with all versions of jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks.
Juicebox-Pro Exclusive Features
- Use Juicebox-Pro free of any branding or download link for seamless integration into your site.
- Take advantage of over 100 exclusive Pro configuration options.
- Automatically add search engine indexible content and Open Graph tags so gallery text and images display in search results.
- One-click social sharing of galleries and images via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr.
- Sell your images directly in the gallery with a built in shopping cart.
- JuiceboxBuilder-Pro will automatically create multiple sizes of your images and select the best size to serve based on the user's screen size.
- Display an unlimited number of images and galleries (500 image maximum for Flickr galleries).
- Juicebox uses vector icons to provide pin-point sharpness at any screen density, including Retina displays.
- JuiceboxBuilder-Pro can composite watermarks directly into the image. Choose watermark location.
- Add audio playback to your gallery. Configure audio looping and auto-start.
- Link directly to a specific image and use the browser back button to navigate images.
- Use AutoPlay to view your gallery hands-free. Autoplay waits until images are fully loaded.
- You're not limited to a linear display with Juicebox-Pro's randomized image display.
- Fine-tune gallery look and feel by editing the theme CSS files. Support for customized button icons.
- The Juicebox-Pro API allows you to control and interact with Juicebox via a simple JavaScript 
Juicebox provides extensive guides on how to embed galleries in an HTML page, a Drupal or Joomla site, or using Dreamweaver and iWeb, among other options making it a truly flexible and universal tool now matter how you choose to run your site.
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