AKVIS Sketch 16

AKVIS has annonced a major update of AKVIS Sketch.
The new version provides significant improvements, more flexibility, and new features and tools! In Version 16.0: 
-Added the Snapshot button to the progress bar for making a shot during the image processing. Such manual snapshots appear in the Timeline list together with the other stepwise shots created by the program. (Deluxe/Business) 
- Added the possibility to pin your favorite snapshots to save them in the Timeline when changing the parameters. (Deluxe/Business) 
- Added the post-processing tools - the Pencil and Eraser which let you edit the result and add a handmade touch to your sketch, and the History Brush for fading the drawing effect on certain parts of the image. (Deluxe/Business) 
- Added the smart non-destructive Crop tool to the standalone version. 
- Increased the quick preview area. Now the default value is 500 px, the maximum value is 1,000 px. You can change the size in the program preferences. 
- Improved the Text tab. In the new version, you can not only type a text but also place a logo or a scanned signature to protect your drawing. Now it's possible to locate your text or an image in the center of the drawing and change its opacity that lets you create a watermark effect. 
- Added the new dark interface theme. It's possible to switch between the styles in the program preferences. 
- Extended the list of the supported RAW files from various cameras. 
- Added official support for the new Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. 
- Improved compatibility of the plugin with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.