Topaz Clarity

Sometimes, you photo is not as vivid, as punchy, or as real as real life! You see the world in much better contrast and detail than your camera. After all, it's difficult to express the beauty of the real world in a two-dimensional image.
Topaz solves this problem by the product called "Clarity".
Clarity's micro-contrast technology helps you add punch to your photos while still keeping them natural. Instead of spending a lot of time manually brightening and darkening selective parts of your image, Clarity can do it all in a few clicks:

Clarity fundamentally improves your image by enhancing contrast and color in an almost undetectable way. Your photo will look how it should have looked straight out of the camera.
- Clarity's microcontrast technology emulates a skilled retoucher's method of selectively brightening and darkening parts of your image. 
- You can apply contrast exactly where you want it and nowhere that you don't. 
- Clarity includes advanced masking module optimized for ease of use
- Clarity includes a large variety of preset effects that we've curated for many different kinds of images. 
- Topaz Clarity plugs directly into your existing editing software to minimize disruption to your workflow. Clarity is compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom, iPhoto, and more
More information: http://www.topazlabs.com/clarity