ArcSoft Portrait+

ArcSoft provides an array of photo and video editing software for PC and Mac including Portrait+, PhotoStudio and Panorama Maker, which empower both photography enthusiasts and passionate professionals to produce spectacular digital photos, videos and more. For enterprise: Stunning videos. Smooth streaming.
With the Portrait+ you can save your time and cost on portrait retouching. Automatic face detection and advanced skin smoothing tech ensure the work is done quickly and accurately.
Key Advantages: 

1. Automatic detection with unmatched precision All the faces, even all body skin could be detected and retouched, making everyone look perfect in your works. 
2. Batch process to obtain high efficiency Smoothly import, process and export hundreds of photos with single clicks in seconds, without the need to adjust one by one. 
3. Useful tools to enhance retouching, easy clicks to retouch, fine tune and make up portraits, obtaining natural and charming results.
What's new in the last version:
1. Menu operation selections added 
2. Enhance the current photo with presets 
3. A navigator helps with image positioning and zooming 
4. More color options for makeup styles 
5. Keep original file names or batch rename them 
6. Apply multiple presets to all photos when exporting
Editing portraits includes many aspects, such as color effects adjustments, background changes and removing unnecessary objects in the photos. Arcsofts PhotoStudio can help you easily achieve these goals. But tools alone often aren't enough. ArcSoft Portrait+ provides a solution based around intuitive pre-defined styles for portrait photos, and combines them with select general purpose editing tools.
Portrait+ by ArcSoft is a simple, step by step photo retouching program. It works by using face detection software then applies various filter effects to enhance the photograph. 
- Step 1 - Input a number of portraits
Import a plenty of portrait photos into Portrait+
- Step 2 - Preview and apply pre-set styles
You can preview about 30 refined pre-set styles in the right column. Click the titles of pre-set template styles like Cleanse, Brighten Eyes, and Slim Face to preview the effects. And click  to apply it to all portraits. Click again to remove it.
- Step 3 - Create your own styles.
Use fine-tuning options such as Enlarge Eyes and Whiten Teeth to create brand new styles. With lipstick, eye shadow and many other makeup tools to add fashionable makeovers to the portraits. Sliders easily adjust the intensity of effects, and color palettes provide a set of colors proven to look great.
- Step 4 - Save, apply and export
- After editing your portrait photos, save your custom styles to use on other portrait photos in the future. Through the Style Bin you can see each portrait's effect clearly. Click the "Export" button to output the retouched portraits quickly.
The software is available as a download from the ArcSoft website and currently has a 30 day free trial.
Comparison of 3 versions:
Portrait+ 3.0 for Mac - Portrait+ 3.0 for Windows - Portrait+ PS
More information - see: www.arcsoft.com/portraitplus
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