EXPOSURE5 – review

This is not the first time I am reviewing the Exposure from AlienSkin. You can still see the All-in-One Slideshow-review of the Exposure 3 here: http://www.akamonitor.cz/product-reviews/exposure3 .
In my new review, you will find short list of newest enhancements ( for reader who know the old review ) and a short list of main features of  the Exposure ( for reader who need an overview.)   This will be just a taste of many more Exposure features.
What is new in the last (5) version:
- The redesigned user interface in Exposure 5 reduces distraction and provides new ways to quickly find your  style.
- much wider range of textures and new controls to subtly combine them.
- the preset browser now uses thumbnails for a more visual experience.
- You can quickly filter by categories like Black & White or Color.
- You will find specific looks with fast searching by name or description.
- In Exposure 5 you can tag your favorites so you can get back to them later.
- Your most recently applied effects are automatically remembered.
- The darker theme helps you focus on  your image and matches other tools in a professional workflow.
- The new Lightroom-style collapsible panels allow  you to see only the controls you care about. Tools that get out of the way provide more space for your photo.
- Exposure 5 has even more texture overlays that add creative details for vintage or Lo-Fi looks.
- You can now separately control light leaks, borders, and dust & scratches.
- Focus on What’s Important Exposure’s updated user interface lets you work with fewer distractions.
- Exposure 5 fits into any workflow. It integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and now Aperture.
- Exposure now works as a standalone application too. This helps you quickly batch process multiple images and supports workflows that don’t use plug-ins.
- Exposure covers a huge range of looks from throughout the history of analog photography.
- Exposure covers both black & white and color in one unified product, so there is no need to switch tools as you explore ideas.
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