Backgroung Burner - on-line service - review

The Background Burner quickly removes the background from any image or photo. The patent-pending technology does all the work automatically. You can upload an image by dropping it on the page, or by clicking "choose file." The technology will isolate the object you were intending to capture and melt away the cruft. Because it's hard for a computer to guess right every time, developers include a simple set of tools to perfect your result. For best results, choose a contrasting background. When the on-line editor ends the automatic work, you can see more burned options to choose from. If you don't see a perfect thumbnail, click "Touch up"on the thumbnail image that's closest to your desired results. The Background Burner will make several different "guesses." Pick the one that's the closest to what you want. You can always pick a different guess later, if you don't like the results. Don't be precise, just put marks in the general area and let the Burner figure out the details. You can download the Background Burned image as a JPG to get a white image background, for a transparent (alpha channel) background, download as PNG. Every time we use the tool, it learns from your results. The more we burn, the better and faster results you get.
Possible use cases: Make cards, brochures, or other graphic design, design a picture for your Twitter or Facebook profile (add new background as you see fit!). Use the url: https://www.bonanza.com/background_burner