Topaz InFocus plug-in - review

InFocus uses the recent image sharpening technology to provide unparralleled, intuitive detail refinement. It is the effective tool for sharpening, as well as de-blurring out-of-focus and motion blurred images. With Topaz InFocus, you gain image clarity simply and effectively. Whether refining fine image features or rescuing a previously unusable out-of-focus image, Topaz InFocus is the advanced, yet user-friendly, solution to sharpening needs.
Here are some of the useful features in InFocus:
1. DeBlur Tab. Multiple sliders included to control generic, out-of-focus and motion blur.
2. Sharpen Tab. Mulitple sliders included to control sharpening and micro-contrast detail enhancement.
3. Estimate Blur Button. Automatic estimation option for unknown or complex blur types. (MUST be in Unknown/Estimate blur type to access. Please see pages 25-26 of the InFocus User Guide for information regarding this feature.)
4. Auto Updater. Get software updates instantly.
5. Snap / Recall buttons. Save up to 99 snapshot settings for comparison.
6. Undo / Redo buttons.
7. Collapsible side panels. Expand and collapse the preset and tool panel for an adjustable workspace.
8. Preset Enable / Disable option. Option to enable or disable the preset preview processing at program startup.
9. Preset Navigation. Use the up / down arrow keys to navigate the preset list and display the selected preset thumbnail (in preset preview window). Use the return (Enter) key to apply the currently selected preset.
10. Enable / Disable Tool Tips. Option to enable or disable the pop up tool tips.
11. Quick Slider Reset. Double click on the slider name to reset default slider values.

- Ability to restore color and detail (obscured by natural haziness) to image features.
- Micro-contrast tools for fine detail enhancement.
- Built with advanced deconvolution technology to help in reversing the effects of blur.
- Estimate blur tool for unknown / complex blur types.
- Targets four types of blur: generic, out-of-focus, straight motion and unknown.
- Easily integrates into any part of your post-processing workflow.
Topaz InFocus uses image deconvolution technology to mathematically reverse image blur, increasing the actual sharpness and rendering a more natural result. InFocus can enhance the clarity of an already well-focused as well as deblur an out-of-focus or motion blurred image.
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