Topaz DeNoise - review

Noise is a random and unwanted problém caused by the sensor (determined by your ISO settings) in digital cameras.  Noise can also appear as unevenness in color, random pixels of color or as a variation in brightness within your image. The presence of noise creates a visually unpleasant image with reduced image detail and clarity. Noise will also create an inconsistency in darker ares of the image such as blacks or shadows, leaving these areas looking grainy and often with random color specks Noise can be a result of a number of things including: a very sensitive sensor,   Low light combined with a high ISO.
There are two generál types of noise that we will see in ouer digital images:
1. Luminance Noise is the black and white noise or “grain” in an image.
2. Chrominance is the pastel-colored, speckled noise often seen in mid-tone or shadow areas. Generally, iťs always best to use the lowest ISO setting possible. However, a higher ISO enables:
1. Faster shutter speeds to freeze motion - ideál for indoor sports photography
2. Better performance in low light
3. Reduce image blurwhen shootinghand held
There are a variety of noise reduction tools available for eliminating image noise. However all tools come with the unwanted side effect of detail loss, which affects the overall quality of our image. Another common side effect is image blurring as a result of lost detail. These side effects lower the quality and value of your image.
Topaz DeNoise, uses the advanced algorithm to preserve detail.
Topaz DeNoise (http://www.topazlabs.com/denoise ) is an advanced noise detection and removal program that reduces noise while retaining an restoring image detail offering unprecedented control over the clarity of your photos Topaz DeNoise specializes in reducing digital image noise, while preserving detail and increasing image sharpness. The primary functions of Topaz DeNoise are:
1. Remove image noise
2. Retain and restore important image details previ- ously obscured by noise.
3. Sharpen edges and color edges.
4. Smooth color unevenness.
5. Eliminate horizontál and vertical banding lineš
6. Correct image black levels to restore true color in black and shadow areas.
7. Rescue underexposed images by removing the ex- cessive noise that accompanies all brightening expo sure adjustments.
8. Rescue low-light, high ISO images
9. Help users create high-quality JPEG images
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