PT Photo Editor - review

With PT Photo Editor (PE), from www.photo-toolbox.com, you can quickly correct color casts, solve exposure problems, remove imperfections, enhance color tones, and turn every photo into a work of art with your creativity. With just a click, White Balance tool can help you remove color casts, restore a real photographic scene. Several brightness adjustment tools  allow you to cope with common photo exposure problems easily. PE helps you easily identify overexposed or underexposed areas in your photos and make appropriate tonal range corrections. PE improves color tones in a photo by adjusting highlights, midtones, and shadows in each color channel. PE brings out the colors in your shots with flexible color adjustment tools. Improve sky, flower and even skin tone with just one click, making them look their best. PEs editing tools help you crop and straighten pictures quickly, remove blemishes, correct red eyes, and erase unwanted objects, get rid of the nasty imperfections. The Clone Tool makes it easy to remove unwanted distractions. It’s also useful in restoring old photos. Sharpening and Noise Reduction Tools make sure your photo is perfect in every detail. PE delivers crisp, sharp images with detail sharpening adjustments. Removes artifacts from shots taken at high ISO or in low light conditions. Creative regional editing functions bring you more flexible and convenient operation experience,  inspire your creativity, create extraordinary images. PE enables precise selections by drawing a selection border. PE automatically makes a selection when you click or draw a line in the area you want to select. Lets you selectively apply adjustments to photos by “painting”. PE helps you create a gradient region in the photo, where you can apply effects gradually across  the region. Convenient image browsing,resizing and saving, make the work process on photos more smoother.
PE supports editing files in formats: Bitmap, JPEG, 24/48-bit PNG & TIFF, Camera RAW and Adobe DNG. PE supports saving as JPEG, PNG or TIFF.
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