Audials One 11 - review

Music, Movies, Videos and Radio Stations - Locate, record, download convert and enjoy everywhere.
Thousands of Internet radio stations and intelligent direct Internet searches help Audials fulfill all  music wishes. 10,000,000 songs are available as MP3s with a single mouse click. For a change, mix it up with Podcasts or Music TV. The Audials Recorder can download videos from Internet sites and music from subscription services, e.g. make MP3 recordings, as well as record Movies and TV-Shows while you watch them from Online Videotheques. The Audials Universal Converter expertly deals with all file-formatting issues for music, audiobook, DVD and movie files. The Universal Converter then gives you those files in the right format every time to enjoy on your PC, smartphone & tablet. Audials offers tons of options to amass your own impressive music collection and private videotheque. Audials includes many media management functions for your PC or cloud, lets you stuff your smartphones & tablets with your favorite media and even has a convenient media player with tons of extra features to enjoy your media.
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