Wondershare Photo Recovery - Review

Fully Recover Media Files from Your PC, USB or Other Storage Device.
A professional data recovery tool specially designed to recover deleted or damaged photos, videos and audio files from various storage devices.
- Recover image, video and audio files in most data loss situations
- Read-only, easy-to-use, and cost-effective
- Recover data from a previously saved scan without rescanning
- Preview image files before recovery and keep only the ones you want.
No matter if your files were deleted, reformatted, lost, etc. Photo Recovery will find and fully restore all your precious image, video and audio files from many storage devices. Recover files from your digital camera, memory card, USB drive, hard drive and other storage devices with a few clicks. Photo Recovery is a fully-loaded yet easy-to-use digital photo recovery and media recovery system perfect for the newbie and professional alike.
- Recover not only photos, but also videos and music files
Supports an array of devices- Recover deleted photos from PC, USB drive, digital camera and other storage media.
- Works in most data loss scenarios - Recover photos lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, improper device usage, virus attack, software crash, and other reasons.
Flexible & Precise, No Time Wasted
- Easy to pause, restart photo recovery during the scan process according to your schedule.
Save and import the previous scan results to resume recovery without rescanning.
The file name, size and date filter help you find specific files quickly to save you time.
Preview Before You Recover
- Thumbnail Preview lets you confirm whether the image is the one you want.
With Thumbnail Preview, also check the quality of each image in advance.
Categorized Results for Fast Recovery
- All recoverable photos, videos and audio files are categorized automatically according to format, making all convenient to find and saving you time.
- Professional Skills Not Necessary
- Recover photos in just five simple steps. No recovery skills or auxiliary tools required.
How it works
Wondershare Photo Recovery is a powerful data recovery tool, which can help you retrieve photos, music and videos deleted from all kinds of storage devices, such as hard drives, memory cards, and USB Flash drives. After installation, start Photo Recovery and follow the steps bellow to get your valuable data back.
Step 1. Select the file types to recover.
There are four buttons (All, Photo, Music and Video) on the interface. All types are selected by default. You can click the buttons to select the types or cancel the selection. If the button is grey, that means that type is not selected. To select the formats, click the Options button on the Title bar, select Options on the menu, click the File Type tab in the Options dialog box, select the checkboxes before the formats which you want to recover, and click OK.
Step 2. Select a drive from the drive tree, and click Start Scan.
Step 3. Photo Recovery starts scanning the drive for the lost files. If you select a large drive, it will take a long time to scan. You can click Stop during the scanning, but the lost files may not be found.
 Step 4. Preview the found files.
After scanning, all the found files are classified by format in the File tree on the left. Select a format, and the files are listed in the Preview pane on the right. Double-click a file to preview it with the built-in viewer.
To search files by size, click the Filter button, set the filtering conditions, click OK, and all the accordant files are left in the list. 
Step 5. Select the files on the list, and click Recover. 
In the pop-up Save As dialog box, select a folder and click OK, and the found files will be saved there.
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