Sagelight Image Editor v. 4.2 - recenze - akamonitor.cz

Na ADRESE: http://www.akamonitor.cz/product-reviews/Sagelight4 najdete podrobnou ( více než 100 slajdů ) recenzi velmi kvalitního foto-editoru, jehož hlavní přednosti jsou snadná obsluha, vysoká hloubka ( 48 bit ), bohatá sada funkcí a velmi solidní podpora ze stran výrobce. 
Sagelight Image Editor 4.2(previously called LightboxPlus) is a professional 48-bit image editor, with many powerful features that can take a humdrum snapshot, and turn it into something truly exceptional. It is designed around a very simple and user friendly concept of click and drag sliders, that are completely intuitive, and you can see the results of the adjustments in real-time. You are able to begin using it immediately to enhance your pictures, even if you have very limited knowledge of digital photo editing software. The keyword is "depth" This program has real depth. Every aspect of your images can be tuned. By combining different functions with each other, you can bring out details and colors you had no idea were even there.