Nebezpečí spojené s Internetovým pokerem - 4 hlavní rizika (ENG)

Dangers Of Internet Poker – 4 Risks Involved In Playing Online
Nedávno byl opublikován zajímavý a užitečný text, týkající se 4 hlavních
rizik spojených s hraním Poker na Internetu.
Cituji z úvodu:
"Similar to all bad and good things, there are problems and dangers
that are associated with playing Internet poker. There is a great risk in
Gambling but it is much more riskier to play Internet poker than the
normal version
. Anyone should know the risks and hazards involved in
playing before they start playing.
The most important is to know a financial fact. The chances for getting
the money, when one requests for the withdrawal, is very less.
The bigger poker sites such as Ultimate Bet, Paradise Poker, Poker Stars,
Paradise Poker and Party Poker will give what one wins.
They are the best Internet Poker websites. The smaller online casinos
are the ones, most likely to cheat. There are many stories of many people
being cheated by the smaller online casinos. So it is very important to
know the names of the bigger Internet sites before starting to play Internet poker."
4 rizika a tyří části textu se týkají:
- The most important is to know a financial fact.
- The second risk is shuffling.
- The next danger one has to consider while playing in
the Internet poker website is security.
- Another danger is obsession to Internet poker.
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